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GivEnergy is a UK-based battery storage manufacturer that prioritizes energy-saving products for a clean environment. They believe in the ethos of "use less, save more" and strive to help the environment by leaving behind a clean legacy. Their products are designed to optimize efficiency and save money on electricity bills.

The GivEnergy eco battery range features the latest LiFePO4 prismatic cell technology, providing a small, lightweight, and modular design with an active BMS system for greater control and functionality. Suitable for wall mounting or floor standing, these eco batteries can be installed alongside other GivEnergy battery packs and come with a robust carry handle for easy transportation. The product has a warranty of 10 years or a throughput of 10MWh per 1kWh of stored capacity, making it an excellent choice to optimize your efficiency and save money on electricity bills. Choose from our range of eco batteries to find the perfect solution for your energy storage needs.

Is there maintenance required? 😴

No! That is the best part about it! 0 Maintenance required.

How much is delivery? 🚚

We offer FREE Delivery on all of our products!

Is there a guarantee? ✅

Yes, we offer a 5-year manufacturer's warranty

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