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GWE Eco Max Home 63A Single Phase Voltage Optimisation Unit - EMH63

GWE Eco Max Home 63A Single Phase Voltage Optimisation Unit - EMH63

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Introducing the GWE Eco Max Home 63A Single Phase Voltage Optimisation Unit - EMH63 that can optimize the performance of your solar panel and help you reduce your electricity consumption by up to 12%. This innovative product comes with three different settings that allow for maximum control over your solar panel system, enabling you to achieve the best possible results.

This advanced optimization unit can be easily installed in just one morning, and it works immediately, providing instant results. It's a low-maintenance solution that requires no upkeep, making it a hassle-free addition to your energy setup.

The product is compatible with Solar PV, wind, and heat pumps, making it a versatile solution that can work with a range of energy systems. It's manufactured in the UK, ensuring that it's of the highest quality and durability.

The device comes with a No Quibble 5-year manufacturer's warranty, providing peace of mind and reassurance that you're investing in a reliable product. Additionally, the full guarantee ensures that you can purchase with confidence.

If you're looking for a solution to help optimize the performance of your solar panel system, this innovative device is an excellent choice. 

Is there maintenance required? 😴

No! That is the best part about it! 0 Maintenance required.

How much is delivery? 🚚

We offer FREE Delivery on all of our products!

Is there a guarantee? ✅

Yes, we offer a 5-year manufacturer's warranty

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