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Pylontech US2000C 2.4kWh 48V Lithium Solar Battery

Pylontech US2000C 2.4kWh 48V Lithium Solar Battery

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Introducing the Pylontech US2000C - a 2.4kWh 48V Lithium Solar Battery, perfect for residential storage applications.

This innovative battery incorporates BMS technology for accurate monitoring of cells, including voltage, current, and temperature. With a standard 48V/50AH specification, up to 95% usable capacity, and a 6,000 cycle-life warranty, this battery offers an excellent energy storage solution.

The US2000C battery has a compact, fashionable design that allows it to blend seamlessly into domestic environments. Its modular design also enables it to be used with other units for greater capacity.

This battery is compatible with most available Hybrid Inverters, making it a versatile addition to your energy setup. Its simple buckle fixing system minimizes installation time and cost, making it a cost-effective solution for your energy storage needs.

Is there maintenance required? 😴

No! That is the best part about it! 0 Maintenance required.

How much is delivery? 🚚

We offer FREE Delivery on all of our products!

Is there a guarantee? ✅

Yes, we offer a 5-year manufacturer's warranty

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