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Wallbox Pulsar Max 7.4kW Type 2

Wallbox Pulsar Max 7.4kW Type 2

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Looking for a powerful, trusted smart charging solution for your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid? Look no further than Wallbox Pulsar Max, the ideal solution for residential charging needs.

Pulsar Max boasts a compact size and advanced performance, while also featuring an upgraded robust design with an IK10 protection rating for added durability. Installation is easier than ever, with a simple and straightforward setup process.

Controlled via the myWallbox app through WiFi or Bluetooth, Pulsar Max offers seamless connectivity. And with compatibility with all Wallbox Energy Management functionality, Pulsar Max offers flexibility and optimization to make sure you're getting the most out of your charging experience.

Pulsar Max includes Power Boost technology, which optimizes infrastructure and reduces charging time. Integrated charging status lights and DC leakage protection ensure safe and efficient charging, while the compact design allows for easy installation in any residential setting. Plus, with in-built earthing protection for single-phase installations, Pulsar Max offers peace of mind and safety for all your charging needs.

And with compliance with Smart Charge Points Regulations, you can be sure that Pulsar Max is the ideal solution for your smart charging needs. Upgrade your charging experience today with Wallbox Pulsar Max.

Is there maintenance required? 😴

No! That is the best part about it! 0 Maintenance required.

How much is delivery? 🚚

We offer FREE Delivery on all of our products!

Is there a guarantee? ✅

Yes, we offer a 5-year manufacturer's warranty

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