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Introducing Zappi, the EV charger that lets you charge your electric vehicle with your own solar or wind energy! With three charging modes to choose from - ECO, ECO+, and Fast - Zappi offers maximum flexibility to suit your needs.

ECO settings use solar or wind energy integrated with grid power, allowing you to optimize microgeneration self-consumption and save money on energy bills. In Fast mode, Zappi operates like any other mains powered EV charger.

Designed for use with 3-phase mains supply, Zappi is compatible with solar PV or wind turbine systems and features a dynamic load balancing system to ensure efficient energy usage. The Economy tariff sense input and charge and event logging features allow you to track your energy usage and optimize your charging schedule.

For added security, Zappi features a PIN code lock function and built-in RCD protection and earth fault detection - no earth rod required! Zappi is also approved for the OLEV (home/work) scheme (HUB required) and can work alongside battery storage systems.

Zappi comes with a 3-year warranty, ensuring you have peace of mind when you choose to charge your EV with your PV. Upgrade your charging experience today with Zappi!

Is there maintenance required? 😴

No! That is the best part about it! 0 Maintenance required.

How much is delivery? 🚚

We offer FREE Delivery on all of our products!

Is there a guarantee? ✅

Yes, we offer a 5-year manufacturer's warranty

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